On Tuesday October 11, 2011 Leanne (Chin) was diagnosed with breast cancer. This blog will follow her journey. It will share the peaks and valleys along the way. But it will also serve as a way to communicate prayer requests and praises. Join us as we partner with Chin and fight along side her for she "...can do all things through Christ who strengthens her." Phil. 4:13

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The meaning behind Chin ... There is a Chinese restaurant in the Twin Cities named Leann Chin. While Leanne was attending a basketball camp in middle school, a fellow camper had a bag from the restaurant. This camper made the connection between the name of the restaurant and Leanne's name. And the nickname Chin stuck!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

She's home!!!

Leanne had a busy weekend!! She was able to have her blood transfusion on Friday and says she can definitely tell the difference in her energy levels. She also had some fun visitors this weekend!


Leanne spent the weekend in hospital and was able to go home today!!! Her pain is under control during the day but has been waking up to take pain meds in the middle of the night so she does not wake in pain in the morning. She also has her biopsy tomorrow morning. We don't know when we will have results from that, but will keep you updated. Please keep us in your prayers:

  • Peace for Leanne during the biopsy and while she waits for results
  • Skilled hands for the surgeon doing the biopsy
  • Wisdom for the Dr's reading the results from the biopsy
  • Wisdom for Dr. Bloom as he makes treatment decision
  • Strength for Ryan as he leads and cares for his family
  • Peace for Leo as Leanne recovers and is cared for by others
  • God to prepare the hearts of Leanne, Ryan, and their families for whatever news we receive over the next few days
If you ever have any questions about our faith and would like more info, please email us at teamchinny@gmail.com and we would love to talk more.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hospital Update

Leanne got a visitor this morning!!!


Grammie brought Leo to see Leanne after they went to school this morning. He was a much needed bright spot in her day :) Dr. Bloom came into see Leanne this morning. He does not think the pain she is having is because of cancer progression (!!!!!!!). All of her blood work and liver tests came back looking great. It is possible that the ibuprofen she was taking kept the inflammation down, thus keeping the severe pain at bay. But since she is not taking that anymore, there is a chance the spot on her liver or a lymph node is pressing on a nerve causing the pain. They are going to change to a different pain med soon to see if that helps relive the pain.

 Thanks all we know for now! I will post more info when I have it. Please keep praying!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Back in the hospital

As of this afternoon, Leanne was admitted to the hospital to help her deal with severe pain, nausea, and dehydration. She has a PCA line, which means she is receiving a steady dose of pain meds, until they get the pain under control. The Dr.'s aren't sure what is causing the pain, but Leanne will meet with Dr. Bloom and her pain management Dr tomorrow. I will update when I have more info.

Please keep lifting Leanne up in prayer specifically for:

  • Comfort for Leo while Leanne is in the hospital
  • Strength for Ryan as he cares for his family
  • Relief from pain for Leanne
  • Wisdom for Dr.'s to be able to get Leanne's pain under control so this does not become a cycle in the future
  • Strength for Leanne's body to heal and recover so she is able to have her biopsy on Monday and her blood transfusion soon
  • Clear results from the biopsy of the spot in front of her liver
Thanks for praying with and for us! We are blessed by the peace your prayers bring!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Blood Transfusion Update

Wanted to let you all know the latest on Leanne's blood transfusion. Leanne is going to be having a direct donor blood transfusion, which means that Leanne gets to pick who donates blood for her transfusion. Today, our Dad and Aimee went downtown to start their part of the process. Since their blood types match, they get to be the donors!


 Now, we wait :) As soon as their blood is processed and tested, it will be sent to the hospital Leanne gets her treatment at. Then, they will call Leanne and set up the transfusion. In the mean time we can be praying for:
  • Energy for Leanne
  • Continued wisdom for Dr. Bloom
  • Peace for Leanne, Ryan, and their families as we wait
Leanne will also have a biopsy of the spot on the front of her liver in the next two weeks. We will keep you posted on when that is scheduled for.

If you ever have any questions about our faith and would like more info, please email us at teamchinny@gmail.com and we would love to talk more.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Chemo #8 & Scan Results

Well, results are in! Leanne talked with Dr. Bloom while she was at chemo about her scan. The spot on her liver has shrunk considerably! Her lymph nodes in her chest have not grown! However, there is something that showed up in the scan on the front of her liver that Dr. Bloom wants to do a biopsy on. We don't know when that is scheduled for, but we will update when we can. Leanne is also going to have a blood transfusion in the next two weeks. Her hemoglobin levels are incredibly low and a transfusion should help with energy levels.

I was the lucky one that got to go to chemo with Leanne this week :) Thanks Grammie for watching all the kiddos.


Can I just say how amazing this woman is! Her faith and trust in God is so inspiring. I am so thankful for her :) Her ability to see this journey with eternal eyes is such a challenge to me to do the same. She is eager to glorify God in every step along the way. I love her!!

Please keep praying for :

  • Praise! for the good things the scan showed! We are thankful for the spots that are not growing!!
  • Smoothness and a quick turn around for the direct blood transfusion from Aimee and Dad to Leanne
  • Energy for Leanne
  • Biopsy to go smoothly and to be fairly pain free
  • Peace for Leo as he is cared for by other people during the biopsy and recovery
  • Wisdom for Dr. Bloom as he interprets biopsy results and determines treatment plans
  • Trust in God's plan and timing

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Scan Tomorrow

Leanne has a CT scan tomorrow morning at 7am. Please be praying for good results from the scan and for peace for Leanne as she has the scan tomorrow.

I will post the results as soon as we know something! Thanks for praying with us!!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Chemo #7, San Diego, and Good News!!

Thanks to a wonderful gift of an extremely generous TEAM CHIN member, Leanne and Ryan were able to get away for a long weekend in San Diego. And despite rearranged chemo schedules, sickness while in CA, and some chemo recovery time, Leanne and Ryan were able to enjoy every single minute of their time away. It was incredibly relaxing and refreshing. Just what they needed!!! Thanks to Auntie Aimee, Grandma, and Grammie, Leo was well taken care of! Thought you all might enjoy some pictures from their trip ...


And now on to today! Leanne had an appointment with Dr. Bloom before chemo today that was REALLY encouraging! Dr. Bloom said that things are looking really great! He could not feel anything on her liver (when she was in the hospital in January, her liver was enlarged) or on her neck where the lymph nodes are!!!! They are stopping one of the chemo drugs, which we knew would happen. It is being stopped because the toxicity of the drug outweighs the benefits of the medicine. They are looking at doing a blood transfusion soon because Leanne's hemoglobin levels continue to remain low. This will help her to have more energy. After that she will have another CT scan and Dr. Bloom think it will show "results we will be pleased with" What great news! We are feeling really thankful today! Ryan was able to go to chemo with Leanne. My mom's neighbor, Heather, watched Leo while Leanne had her appointment and Grammie watched him during chemo.


Please join us in continuing to pray for Leanne and Ryan. Here are some specifics:
  • Praise for good news today!!!
  • A safe and effective blood transfusion
  • Wisdom for Dr. Bloom as he makes treatment decisions and specifically to find a way for Leanne to continue getting treatment
  • Maximum effectiveness of the chemo
  • Minimal side effects of the chemo
  • God to prepare our hearts for what the results of the CT scan show
  • Strength and stamina for Ryan as he leads his family
  • Self control and obedience for Leo
If you ever have any questions about our faith and would like more info, please email us at teamchinny@gmail.com and we would love to talk more.